Licensed Psychologist, Sex Therapist, Educator 

My name is Dr. Linda De Villers and I am a licensed psychologist, professor, and Certified Sexual Educator. In my role as a therapist, I have specialized in helping people with a wide range of sexual and relationship difficulties since 1984. I support individuals and couples in their desire to create passion in their relationships and have happy, healthy sex lives. My specialties include:

  • Improving communication skills for couples and individuals
  • Overcoming a wide variety of sexual concerns, from dysfunction to desire
  • Counseling busy professionals to strengthen relationships
  • Using a “bodymind” approach to resolve difficulties
  • Empowering women to embrace their sexuality and have a positive body image
  • Embracing a holistic approach to health that includes loving relationships, clean eating, and regular exercise

My private practice is based in West Los Angeles, where I also teach at major universities and colleges on various human sexuality topics.


Books by Dr. Linda De Villers:


New 6th edition! 2016

New 6th edition!



Love Skills offers a down-to-earth, effective guide that blends true experiences with a gentle,
step-by-step approach to better sex, grounded in professional expertise and proven techniques. Love Skills introduces four key skills to create a more satisfying sex life: LoveTalk, BodyLove, LoveTouch, LovePlay.









Simple Sexy Food™ is an aphrodisiac cookbook like no other. Honest and direct, detailed and informative, it’s packed with exclusive recipes, food and sex tips, descriptions and histories of ingredients,  and even survey data about what food people find sexy. And – it’s the only aphrodisiac cookbook written by a sex therapist who also happens to be a foodie!





I have published two books, presented many research papers, and have shared my expertise with over thirty magazines and newspapers on topics regarding improving sexual health and resolving sexual difficulties. I have also authored regular sex columns in magazines like Health and Playboy; am a member of six professional psychological associations; supervise graduate students studying to earn AASECT certifications; and have spoken at international conferences around the world for thirty years. You may contact me for my services, which include:

  • Individual or couples therapy
  • Professor, keynote speaker, or workshop leader
  • Supervision of AASECT candidates
  • Media consultant for print, radio, and TV